The Latina Leadership Network of the California Community Colleges (LLNCCC) is committed to educational excellence, student access and success. The Basic Agenda is constituent with the spirit of reform embodied in the Master Plan for Higher Education, the Matriculation Legislation (SSSP), AB 1725 and the State Academic Senate. These documents challenge the community colleges to address  various complex and interrelated issues: a changing student body, an aging faculty, shifts in curricular needs, staff development, and equity in employment.

 LLNCCC embraces the multiple challenges addressed by these documents and is working for the balanced implementation of excellence and equity in the community colleges as it affects Latinas students and professionals.  Thus, LLNCCC is a support and advocacy organization working toward accomplishing its goals and objectives as presented in this Strategic Plan.

 The challenges before us are: to secure support for effective instructional and service programs, and to develop innovative approaches as necessary to eliminate institutional practices that limit participation of Latinas in policy formulation and implementation. We are committed to nurturing leadership and mutual support among Latinas to address systematic inequities.

 Achieving balance requires the full participation of the Latina community. As Latina students, faculty, staff and administrators, we are prepared to work collaboratively to create a community college environment that provides exemplary and equitable employment and educational opportunities.


Our Vision

The Latina Leadership Network of the California Community Colleges aims to empower Latina women through various stages of their educational and/or professional journeys, to seek leadership roles in their campus communities, and to advocate for current and future generations of mujeres in higher education.

Our Mission

The Latina Leadership Network of CCC is a mutual support and advocacy organization committed to creating a space for sharing high impact practices addressing equity, diversity, and social justice issues faced by the Latinx community. We come together to harness collective experiences and foster inclusionary practices through cultural unity.

Our Goals

Maintain a statewide educational and leadership network for Latinas in the California Community College system.

Develop methodologies to address and overcome the systemic inequities that impede access and success of Latinas in the California Community Colleges.

Mentoring Latinas so that they are able to achieve educational advancement and develop leadership skills in the California Community Colleges.

Affirm and promote activities that celebrate the rich historical and cultural heritage of all Latinas.

Develop and enhance supportive alliances that extend beyond the California Community College system.