President’s Message

Dear LLNCCC Hermanas,

It is both an honor and a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve as the LLNCCC President. I feel blessed to be able to draw from my previous experiences as an LLN member, as well as, my service on the LLNCCC board as the Central Region Representative, Treasurer, and Vice President Central before taking this President role. I am very appreciative and thankful for all the wisdom shared by my LLN Hermanas. Their support, guidance, and teachings gave the knowledge, the skills, and the leadership needed to serve from the heart and continue growing together to successfully fulfill the vision and mission of LLNCCC.

We left the 2018 LLNCCC Conference with a powerful message from the honorable Sylvia Mendez: to continue fighting for justice and equity. Through the Mendez family’s work, we are reminded of the struggles faced which provides us with wisdom to continue advocating for what is right. However, la lucha sigue as we continue to face the social political challenges affecting our Dreamers and DACA students and our immigrant  families in general. Let’s always remember que La unión hace la fuerza, as we continue facing challenges before us. It is my hope that we can unite further and continue supporting one another at the emotional, moral, professional, and personal levels. Let’s continue our collaborative work to make a difference not only in our respective campuses and communities but through our beloved LLN work.

My commitment and goals for the next two years are to continue building a strong network and fostering equitable educational and employment opportunities for Latinas. Furthermore, as part of our Plan of Action, I am committed to provide support and mentorship through professional development webinars. It is my hope for LLNCCC to host a yearly regional professional development event for both professionals and students. Again,  thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to serve you as the LLNCCC President. I am highly committed to honor and support the LLNCCC
vision and mission. I invite you to continue the genuine discourse as we make sense of this complex world to collectively make our campuses, our communities, and our world a better place for all.

En solidaridad,
Dr. Ana Gómez de Torres
LLNCCC President