Mission and Vision

Written many years ago by The Latina Leadership Steering Committee, The PLAN OF ACTION is an inclusive document that can help bring together the many hard-working, sometimes isolated individuals who understand the need for promoting the higher education and professional development of Latinas.

The Latina Leadership Network (LLN) was founded in 1987 in response to the severe under representation of Latinas in California community colleges–as students, educators, staff, administrators, and trustees. We bring together many diverse individuals who understand the need for promoting higher education and the professional development of Latinas and worked to overcome institutional and personal barriers impeding that development and success.

Since its inception, LLN has encouraged the personal growth and educational success of Latinas through regional participation, statewide networking, policy formulation, and academic and professional conferences. Our Network has grown over the past twenty-five years reaching over six hundred members and supporters in eleven regions throughout the state, and stay connected via our website and listserv. The Executive Board is comprised of elected and appointed employees and students of the California Community Colleges who volunteer their time.

As the LLN enters its twentieth year, we are proud of our achievements, aware of the challenges that still exist, and look forward to the advances yet to come.

Our Vision

LLN envisions a strong network for Latinas within the California Community College system guided by diverse leadership at all levels that supports and fosters exemplary and equitable educational and employment opportunities

Our Mission

The LLN is a mutual support and advocacy organization committed to providing effective opportunities to develop innovative approaches to increase the participation of Latinas in leadership roles and to promote and maintain “la cultural Latina” and non-sexist familial values.

Our Goals

Maintain a statewide educational and leadership network for Latinas in the California Community College system.

Develop methodologies to address and overcome the systemic inequities that impede access and success of Latinas in the California Community Colleges.

Mentoring other Latinas so that they are able to achieve educational advancement and developing leadership skills in the California Community Colleges.

Affirm and promote activities that celebrate the rich historical and cultural heritage of all Latinas.

Establish and maintain supportive alliances beyond the community colleges.